We Help People Attain Their Dreams

Real People Finding Real Businesses


The key to a successful engagement is open and honest communication. People often change their mind about what they're looking for as we go through the process. That's why we spend time in the beginning to learn about you and your requirements.


We work for you. Once we've identified the businesses that meet your criteria, we will work with you throughout the entire process. Remember, we're not tied to a particular brand, we only want to find the best fit for you.

No Pressure

Investing in a franchise is a big decision. You will spend a lot of your time building and running your business, so you have to be comfortable that it's a great fit. We will never pressure you into making a decision. We will work with you so you feel comfortable making your decision.

In Their Own Words

Tyler K.

Always Best Care Franchise Owner

"In searching for a business to purchase, I was contacted by Bob Rea. At first, I was a little hesitant to work with a business broker. However, Bob explained to me that I could use him as another asset in my search providing me with additional options. He proved to me along the way that he was on "my" side and was looking out for "my" best interest, not the companies he promoted. He provided valuable insight and helped steer me away from what could have been a not-so-good decision on my part. The information he provided me was always in my best interest and not just to make a sale. In the end, he helped me find what I consider the absolute best opportunity for me. As a "sales guy" myself, I highly recommend using Bob as your "go-to" business broker. Thank you Bob for your dedication, constant contact and assistance in this process".

Houman G.

Ghost Kitchen Entrepreneur

"Bob coached me to figure out what my plans and options were during the pandemic since I was unemployed and looking to start a business on my own. Bob no pressure policy, professionalism and wisdom helped me to navigate and decided what is the best business for me to pursue. I recommend Bob to any self made individuals that they seek other options to reach their goals".

John B.

Mosquito Shield Franchise Owner

"I worked with Bob as I was exploring Franchise concepts and opportunities. His knowledge and insight was invaluable throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Bob to anyone seeking a franchise investment opportunity".